Grass Bike Polo
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1891 : Richard J. Mecredy (Ireland) invents bike polo
1897 : Polo club in the USA & The Bicycle Polo Association (BPA) of Great Britain are formed
1908 : Bike polo is featured as a demonstration sport in the London Olympics
WWI stops polo
1938 : The BPA of Great Britain has 170 teams in 100 clubs with 1000+ players
(read an interesting article from 1938 here)
WWII stops polo
1946 : Bike polo has a new start in Aquitaine, Paris area, Normandy and Pyrénées

1994 : Creation of the Bicycle Polo Association of America
1996 : First International Championship of bike polo (USA): India, Canada and USA compete
1999: Hardcourt bike polo is played for the first time in Seattle

(“Hardcourt polo was invented by Jay Grisham in an office building in Seattle in the late 1990′s. Then it was brought and taught to the Portland messengers who organized the world’s first hardcourt polo at the West Side Invite.” Matt Case. View the Seattle Bike Polo video for more.)
2000: Hardcourt specific mallets were made out of bamboo and a street hockey ball was used
2002: Hardcourt bike polo spreads to Portland

2003: Tournaments pop up all over the West and Midwest

2004: Hardcourt bike polo spreads to New York

2006: Hardcourt bike polo spreads to London
2009: European championships started in London (EHBPC 2009)
2009: LHBPA forms
2010: LO2010 held (48 teams)
2011: LO2011 (55 teams), London International Invitational and Hell’s Belles Vol. 1 held
2012: LO2012 (82 teams) and Hell’s Belles Vol. 2 held, bike polo taken into London schools

Present day:

Bike polo has moved on from its grass roots and is now spreading rapidly. In June 2008 there were around 50 cities playing hardcourt bike polo as we now know it. In June 2010 this figure rose to 220 cities. In June 2012 there were 380 cities playing hardcourt bike polo with an average of two new cities registering a new scene each week.

We estimate there are currently over 8,000 dedicated bike polo players globally with around a further 20,000 players that play bike polo less frequently.

East Festival 2010
Zombie take on BAD Polo at the EHBPC 2009