Secure one or more dedicated polo courts for the London community

Currently hardcourt bike polo is played wherever we can find a court that meets the following criteria:

  • 15m x 35m (or larger) court.
  • Flat, level playing surface so the ball moves in a predictable manner.
  • Walled or solid sides that players can ride along without risking injury.
  • No permanent uprights/fixtures anywhere on the court (as players can ride into them).
  • Flood lights so play can continue during the Winter months.
  • Spectator area for non-players and refs to observe from.
  • No gaps, or holes in the court fencing/walls that our ball can pass through.

This year the LHBPA will be finalising a courts proposal that can be sent to councils and property owners that outlines how courts and play areas can be designed with bike polo in mind. We will also be researching new forms of “pop-up” courts that can be used for exhibitions and events. Finally, we will be looking to help in the re-development of the courts that are currently used by hardcourt bike polo players across London.

If you would like to get in touch with the LHBPA regarding courts, then contact Ed (Courts Committee Chair): [email protected]

Create a UK Bike Polo Association and annual UK Championship

It is becoming increasingly difficult to accurately report on UK polo as a whole, the LHBPA would like to lead the way in opening up communication between the different UK polo scenes so we can work together to create a UK Bike Polo Association with the objective of holding an annual UK Championship.

Develop the LHBPA’s annual international tournament: The London Open.

The London Open 2010 was a huge success and the LHBPA would like to develop this tournament so that it can accommodate an ever-increasing number of competing teams. For the London Open 2011 we have the following ambitions:

  • Host the games across three polo-specific courts, allowing more games to be played over the weekend.
  • Move to a new location that involves more public footfall and utilise tiered seating to allow an increased number of spectators to view the games.
  • Use an iPhone app and digital scoreboard to empower referees and keep everyone updated of time/scores more easily and source referee high chairs to give them a better view of the court.
  • Provide a “try polo” area to allow members of the public to try bike polo for the first time and provide teams with an area where they can warm up pre-game.

Looking to the future

The LHBPA is always on the lookout for new ways to promote and develop hardcourt bike polo, so get in touch if you have a proposition for us: [email protected]

Past projects have included:

  • Play Sport funded “Open days” where members of the public are encouraged to come and try bike polo for the first time.
  • The execution of exhibition days where the aim is to increase sports participation or promote bike polo to a wider audience.
  • The creation and development of international tournaments to allow competitive play between various countries and continents.
  • Reporting and information gathering for media owners and publishers.


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